Five Minutes of Worship to G-D / Yahweh and the Hope of All Christians

As our nation faces troubled times there are always those who will attempt to drive a wedge between Americans of good moral character and sound business sense – who possess an appreciation of our heritage – our Free Enterprise System – and understand the spirit of Patriotism that has made it possible for the USA to exist and thrive these past 236 years.

One such wedge that some politicians and other people of ill will try to use to divide and separate and conquer two groups of Americans of good character – whom I define as Jewish Americans who believe in and practice their faith in G-D and Bible Believing Christian Americans.

Living in South Florida I meet many Jews that drive me crazy in various social circumstance. Admittedly most of them are from New York and New Jersey and as a person who grew up in “the South” that may really be the crux of my problem. I’m sure that my Jewish friends meet what I will describe as Christians in name only that are bigoted and prejudice against every Jew that meet – not willing to meet each Jew they encounter one on one and give them the opportunity to get to know them personally.

What I describe has been going on for centuries so I don’t expect to change anything with this e-mail and probably won’t make much of a dent in the problem at all. However, if you describe yourself as a Bible Believing Christian and or a Jew who is practicing your faith in Yahweh; G-D Almighty – I want to ask you to take five minutes and listen to the song in the site below “Yahweh” – written and performed by Hillsong – a group of young Christian artist out of Australia who recognize the most important truth of all:

Jews and Christians who really practice their faith are worshiping the Same, One, True, Living G-D!

My enemy is not the Jew. My good Jewish friends in NYC and Chicago know that their enemy is not Bible Believing Christians. Our enemy is Satan and his dominion of demons and those who have followed after false religions such at Islam. I hope that you will join me in giving some thought and five minutes of listening time to considering that Jews and Christian Americans of good moral character and sound financial minds have far more in common than we may have put into practice in times past. We are in a perilous age and hopefully clear minded men and women of faith in the One, True, Living G-D will be able to come together to make a difference in this land WE LOVE.

Uncle Larry

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