Savages – Very Adult and Very Long and Very Bad

In this genre Oliver Stone is no Quentin Tarantino! Oliver should have stayed with docudrama and avoided this bloody turkey.

Marty gives Savages an “F” and is revising her “All Time Top Ten Worst Movie” list as we speak. She also warns you that considering the extreme violence and on-screen sex Savages must be at the upper end of “R.”

Uncle Larry gives Savages a C- because I enjoy beautiful women, gratuitous violence and every now and then like to be reminded how a human head explodes when penetrated by a 5.56mm round at 500 yards and or a nine mil at five feet. If you think this line is even a little gross you have no business seeing Savages.

If this film had been Produced and Directed by Uncle Larry and starred a  bunch of “no names” it would have gone directly to the back of the rack at your favorite video store. Seldom has so much talent come together with such disappointing results.

Uncle Larry

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