Spiderman – A lot like dating in High School – Slow – Fits and Starts – Enjoyable Overall

Marty and I saw Marvel – The Amazing Spiderman today and overall we liked it and were glad we saw it in the theater. We saw it in non 3D – which I guess they call 2D – or movies for old people. If you don’t get dizzy or headaches see this movie in 3D. There were many scenes of Spidey flying and flying and flying that got boring but I’ll but they were in the movie for the 3D effect – as was the ending.

Spiderman was beyond slow in the beginning but finally got going and had a good ending. If you have children or young teens feel free to take them. There was no cursing – no sexual innuendo or skin of any kind. One of the best scenes in the film is when Peter Parker finally kisses his high school love interest. Like so many movies today this film was made for the teen audience – high school – first love – bullies – etc. All it was missing was “acne”, prom and stealing hub caps – for those of you who even know what those are.

Going into the theater I thought it was going to be odd seeing a Brit playing the lead role instead of Toby. After a few minutes I never gave it another thought and the leading lady and teen love interest is very pretty with that all American girl next door vibe – except there were no girls like that where I grew up.

The plot itself could be Spiderman One. It has its own spin on how Spiderman got his powers and his motivation and character flaws – with all new bad guys. To my surprise it is not a sequel to the successful Toby McGuire Spiderman series. Overall Marty and I recommend Marvel – The Amazing Spiderman. However, if you can’t take 3D you won’t miss much by waiting for home delivery.

Uncle Larry

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