How Big is our National Debt – Really? What does it mean to your kids and grands?

How much money is a “Million Dollars?” How much money is a “Billion Dollars?” How much money really is a “Trillion Dollars?”

If you had stacks of one hundred-dollar bills how big would a stack of a billion and a trillion be? When you have a moment click on this safe website from Sticker Patch and see for yourself some very good Physical Concepts of how much a million – a billion and a trillion really are. It’s a real eye opener.

If you’re not motivated to click on the site to see how big a pile of one hundred-dollar bills it takes to reach these sums here are a few stats that I hope will motivate you to open the site and then pass it on to your friends.

– The population of the USA is almost 314 million people.
– There are approximately 125.6 million taxpayers
Our National Debt that we owe now is over 16.25 Trillion dollars – see how long the number is on the site.
– Our National Debt per person is approximately $52,000 per person.
Our National Debt per TAXPAYER is approximately $130,000.

What does that last statistic alone tell you. I owe $130,000 on our National Debt. Marty owes $130,000 – Tony owes $130,000. You owe $130,000 and so does your spouse if you file jointly and so do all your children if they work and pay taxes.

If that isn’t enough to get your attention check this out.

-The total “UNFUNDED LIABILITIES” of the US is 114.5 Trillion dollars (see site above). This includes but is not limited to things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Government and Military Pensions and the like. AND THIS 114.5 TRILLION IS BEFORE THE INCREASES IN THE NEW OBAMA HEALTH CARE ACT. Add this to our National Debt and you are looking at 130.75 Trillion Dollars. Can you even grasp how big that is?

Our National Debt and Unfunded Liabilities per taxpayer is approximately $1,046,000! How many taxpayers have a net worth of over one million dollars? When your liabilities exceed your assets by definition aren’t you broke?

Since the greater portion of this debt by far is from unfunded liabilities – money we owe in the future – who is going to pay that debt? Your children – your grand children and your great-grandchildren and on and on until The Lord Comes. We are selling our future generations into a debt slavery and yet our present administration tells us we need to spend more.

Uncle Larry

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