Rocco’s Tacos – Palm Beach Gardens – “Horses for Courses”

There’s a saying in golf – “horses for courses” – that simply means that some golfers like and do well on some golf courses while others don’t. By using this illustration I am not implying nor do I want you to question if the Rocco’s Tacos shredded pork is equine in nature – it’s just that even though tonight (Friday) Rocco’s was filled to the brim with people looking for people – it’s not for Uncle Larry or Saint Marty.

Let’s talk about what is really good at Rocco’s: Guacamole prepared table side – Quesa Fundido – their home made chips and Negra Modelo on draft.

What is OK to mediocre? The rest of the food!

What is bad? The Margaritas are shockingly bad – unless you like them with lots of flavors. We asked for ours to be made with minimal mix and they tasted like over the top sour lime-aid. I paid for tequila but I’m not sure it was in the drink. Believe it or not – two sips and we just gave them back. Additionally, the volume level of the music played in the indoor dining room is beyond loud on the weekends. As I write this review my right ear is still aching. The noise level at Rocco’s makes Palm Beach Grill sound like a funeral parlor. Not only could we not hear each other talking we were literally blown away with the painfully high musical volume.

If you insist on checking out the people scene at Rocco’s in PBG sit outside. However, don’t look for Larry and Marty as this is our second review, the first being on 2/12/2012. Trick me once your fault – trick me twice mine!

Uncle Larry

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