It’s a sad day for America!

It’s a Sad Day for America because the person George Bush thought was a “conservative jurist” and would be a wise Chief Justice invented some twisted view of the Health Law and named a Congressional Mandate a “tax” and used that as an excuse for him to join the four liberals on the bench and pass this monstrosity.

It’s a Sad Day for America because Chief Roberts and his four liberal friends gave President Obama the things he wants most in life: affirmation – vindication and countless Obama “sound bites” and “photo ops” of his toothy grin (note the discipline I used by not saying Three Stooges Grin) – telling us how this “change” will help all Americans and give him a plank to ride on for weeks and months to come.

It’s a Sad Day for America because this is one more nail in the coffin of personal freedom, choice and liberty.

It’s a Sad Day for America because it sets the stage for even bigger and more expensive and intrusive Federal Government policies running our lives.

It’s a Sad Day for America because conservatives don’t have an answer. The Republican Party does not have a Christian, charismatic, conservative candidate with a consistent track record on this topic that will allow him to step forward and speak with conviction about why this is wrong and how he will change it for the better. Sure, I’ll vote for Romney but he’s still none of the above in my book and does not generate the kind of enthusiasm and fervor that is needed at this critical moment in our history.

It’s a Sad Day for America! But it’s still the greatest place on earth to live! We are exceptional whether our current President believes it or not.

Uncle Larry

2 thoughts on “It’s a sad day for America!

    1. You are such a wise and discerning woman! In Tom’s Presidency would you appoint me as Press Secretary; Secretary of State; Chief of Staff or none of the above?


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