A ray of light on a Sad Day

Brian Wesbury and friends at First Trust put out a long commentary on the Economic impact of the Supreme Court ruling. In the midst of their report I read the following paragraph which gives me some hope on such a sad day over all.

The silver lining in Roberts’ decision is that if the “penalty” is now a “tax,” it can be repealed with just a simple majority in the US Senate via the budget reconciliation process, with no filibuster allowed. If it had been upheld and still considered a “penalty” it would have needed a 60-vote, filibuster proof majority to turn back. As a result, even more so than yesterday, the direction of the US economy hinges on the election in November.

If this is true – that it could be repealed with a simple Senate vote then we need to get out there and get a Republican Majority in the Senate.

According to Wikipedia the Senate is composed of: 51 Democrats – 47 Republicans and 2 Independents. Is a positive swing of four Republicans too much to hope for?

Uncle Larry

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