Rock of Ages – Over the top – Decadent – Pumped Up Adult Musical Fun. Larry and Marty both give this an A Solid

How did they make Rock of Ages? Mix unequal parts of movie – the biggest hits of an 80’s rock festival – rock hard bodies on the men and women – sexual innuendo but no sex – a small but enjoyable plot line – mix alcohol and shake it really hard and loud and it’s a ton of fun!

This is the best work Tom Cruise has done since Top Gun! For a fifty year old he is cut like a rock – does a great job singing his own music and plays the role of an aging 80’s Rock Star to the hilt. He should definitely get nominated for this out of character and over the top performance. The other actors also sing their own music and no one, especially Katherine Zeta Jones, was less than excellent – except Alex Baldwin – but he played his role as an old and fading rock and roll club owner flawlessly.

One might say Rock of Ages is like Grease on steroids but for adults and mature teens. The Director moved smoothly between dialogue and group musical performances. This movie/concert, however, is not for younger teens or conservative/prudish adults. It’s not what you see but what you imagine that should make this an R rating.

I’ve never owned an LP or CD by Def Leopard, Journey, Foreigner or REO Speedwagon but Marty and I knew every song and were singing right along. The modest plot of a nice young couple trying to find their way in the world of L.A. entertainment is charming but shallow and predictable.

Overall Marty and I both had a great time and were glad we saw Rock of Ages in the theater.

Uncle Larry

4 thoughts on “Rock of Ages – Over the top – Decadent – Pumped Up Adult Musical Fun. Larry and Marty both give this an A Solid

    1. Helen, You and Jim are the perfect age for this movie/concert. You’ll know every song. Sing along like you were at the Fairgrounds Amphitheatre and have a fun time. Larry


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