Snow White and The Huntsman B+: Steady Pacing but Not Slow and Definitely Entertaining

Marty and I enjoyed Snow White and The Huntsman (SW&TH). There were times when my hyper and critical nature was thinking “this part is a little slow” but each time I thought that I was enjoying the moment because of new character introductions and plot development.

Given the trailers and previews we were pleasantly surprised that the movie was not as dark or evil or scary as we thought going into the theater. There was absolutely no sex or even an illusion to it and the violence was about what we see on TV at 10:00. I’m no child expert but I think this movie would be fine for any normal kid ten or older. As Marty said it was all “staged” as a Fairy Tale and the “bad guys” were clearly distinguished from the “good guys and gals.”

Marty and I enjoyed Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts but thought this was a more enjoyable flick. It has good versus evil, action, adventure, some modest level of suspense, interesting characters and a happy ending. Don’t get me wrong – no one in SW&TH is going to be nominated for any awards – but Charlize Theron did a good job as the “evil queen” as did Kristen Stewart as Snow White. The best characters in the film – though out of character with historical presentations – were the Seven Dwarfs.

The only thing we thought was odd was the casting of the far more beautiful and blonde Charlize as the evil Queen and the dark headed and only moderately attractive Kristen as Snow White. I think the film would have made more sense with a mature brunette as the evil queen and a prettier and more feminine blonde as Snow White – but what do I know?

There are worse things that you could do than spend ten bucks and see Snow White and The Huntsman.

Uncle Larry

2 thoughts on “Snow White and The Huntsman B+: Steady Pacing but Not Slow and Definitely Entertaining

  1. charlotte

    Uncle Larry going back to the Disney character Snow White has dark hair. I also enjoyed the movie. I did however find the fairy Forrest a bit boring, however my 14yr old daughter enjoyed that part. Dani and I also enjoyed Mirror Mirror. Julia Roberts made a great evil queen! It a relief to see a movie without sex that everyone enjoyed.

    1. Charlotte, Marty told me Snow White has always been a raven haired woman. I’m historically wrong but type casting right in my view. Then again – you are a raven headed beauty and a nice person so why couldn’t you be Snow White – though I think it would be playing against type. Your friend. Uncle Larry


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