Memory Day – Pray for someone you know who Serves or Served in Your Military

As a Vietnam Infantry Veteran today is the day I let down my emotional guard and think about those who serve in our Military – those I served with – and those who paid the final price. It’s not a bad thing to think about those who didn’t come back and or those who came back injured and scarred.

I know from personal experience that it is, however, a bad thing to have seen it happen!

Take a solemn moment today and pray for those who serve our country today and the scars it will leave. Pray for the families who had a loved one pay the final price. Pray for the young men and women who have come home from Iraq and Afghanistan and can’t find work or are “underemployed.”

If you don’t know someone personally to pray for you can pray for Mark Thompson and Doug Mustapick. These are two active duty servicemen Marty and I and I pray for every day.

Enjoy your Memorial Day because that’s what the Veteran wants. They just don’t want to be forgotten!

Uncle Larry

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