Men In Black III – A step down from “MIB” I and II

Marty and I loved Men in Black (MIB) I and really liked MIB II. We would rate MIB I and II an A and B+ respectively.

The cache, wit and originality of the creative and funny “Aliens” is totally missing in MIB III. The plot is slow and the ending too predictable. On the positive side I will say that Josh Brolin did an outstanding job as the young Tommy Lee Jones. However, it just wasn’t enough to make up for a weak script. I can remember smiling once or twice but not once did I laugh out loud like in the first two MIB.

We were disappointed in MIB III and would give it only a C. Unless you are into the 3-D experience – which we did not see – you can wait for this flick on the small screen – but who really has a small screen anymore?

Uncle Larry

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