Dark Shadows – When isn’t B Minus good enough?

Marty and I were so looking forward to Dark Shadows and we are glad we saw it for curiosity’s sake. However, if you are busy it’s not the kind of film that must be seen on the big screen.

Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, The Vampire and Eva Green as the wicked, but sensual witch Angelique Bouchard had the only two real acting jobs in the movie. The rest of the characters, including Michelle Pfeiffer were like plain ornaments on a Christmas tree with one Star at the top and one other star just beneath it. The supporting actor roles were so stiff they reminded me of the “Tin Man”  from Wizard of Oz but did not evoke any sense of support for their characters.

I have never seen the daily TV soap by the same name so I had no expectations or knowledge of the plot. Part of my lack of enthusiasm for Dark Shadows is that it wasn’t “campy” enough to be “campy” – like The Adams Family and it had moments of darkness that were not funny and are clearly not appropriate for children.

If you like the stars in this flick and you have the time I encourage you to see it for yourself. Overall, given my expectations for the actors and the Director Tim Burton I was disappointed.

Uncle Larry

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