Marvel – The Avengers: A mixed vote in the Stephens Household. Uncle Larry B+; Saint Marty C-.

In the time-honored tradition of “Ladies First” Saint Marty says that you should “Marvel not at The Avengers.” She likes a movie that has a plot, romance and doesn’t take too long to develop. In giving this flick a C- she felt there wasn’t even the pretense of a plot, almost no romance and why did it take twenty minutes for the action to start?

Uncle Larry read somewhere that the key to successful romance is well planned and executed foreplay. If the first twenty minutes of The Avengers was foreplay the participants would have fallen asleep before the romance had a chance to blossom.

However, after only one bathroom break The Avengers gathered momentum and the final one hour and forty-five minutes was action packed fun and adventure. Of course there was no plot – this film is ripped from the pages of Marvel Comics and is supposed to be what most of us need right now – an hour or so of relief from politics, the economy, the twin deficits and the horror of the nature of “Change” that we got when some of us voted for Obama.

Getting back to The Avengers, the technology, the weapons and the non stop action – once it got started – and an excellent ending makes this a must see movie for “the guys.” If you are looking for something for ” ladies night out” you might want to try something else.

I’m sorry that we can’t be more positive about The Avengers. Aside from the fact that Mrs. Peale and John Steed were not in this movie, we were hoping for a power house of entertainment and we got a movie worth seeing but certainly not one that blew our socks off.

Uncle Larry and Saint Marty

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