Soon and very Soon – This Post ends on a good note!

Do you share my view that America was founded on Judea-Christian Principles? It’s my perception that most of our Nation’s original laws are based on Biblical truth and many of them on the Ten Commandments – which are still engraved on the walls of the Supreme Court and the Capital.

How many times have you read an e-mail or a blog or simply thought to yourself something like – the world in general is going to hell in a hand-basket. Closer to home do you share my perception that America has lost its moral base and has strayed far from the principles of the Founding Fathers? Are we on a secular, politically correct yet morally bankrupt slippery slope from which there is no return?

Our friend John Maxwell often says that a company or an organization rises and falls on the ability and lid of its leadership. Personally I don’t think you have to look any further than our National “leaders” to see the problem.

Some mornings as Marty and I read the Bible and go through our Prayer List I remember God’s Promise in II Chronicles 7:14 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” I’ll begin to pray and I think realistically what are the chances that the greater population of America will ever do this? Are we too far gone as a Nation to ever turn from our current ways? It is simply too late for America and the World we live in?

Then I remember God’s Promise that He will not forsake His Children and that He is coming soon. If you want to be encouraged in this present age do yourself a favor and click on the following link at iTunes and download Soon and Very Soon on this Hillsong album.

Here is just a sampling of a few lines from this very moving and encouraging song: Soon and very soon – My king is coming robed in righteousness and crowned with love. When I see Him I shall be made like Him – Soon and Very Soon. I’ll be going to the place He has prepared for me – I will be with the One I love – There my soul will be satisfied – Soon and very soon.

If this song does not encourage you let me know and I’ll refund your $1.29!

Be encouraged! Be of good cheer! This world is not our final resting place and our fate is not in its hands.

Uncle Larry

2 thoughts on “Soon and very Soon – This Post ends on a good note!

  1. Dolores Wehn

    Thanks! I needed that. Sometimes it so nice to have a gentle reminder as we are all guilty of getting caught up in the negatives that the World continues to throw at us.

  2. Don Bray

    Thanks Larry for this good reminder. Our history has a destination which is the ultimate victory of Righteousness. I look forward to our Lord’s return and want to see that all are ready to receive him. Don


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