Mirror Mirror – An excellent movie for young girls that an Adult Might Like – But Uncle Larry wasn’t “enchanted” by it.

I’ll bet that Mirror Mirror is a great movie for young girls. The plot is timeless – the costumes really “camp” – The Prince is Handsome – Snow White is cute but not ravishing – Julie Roberts does a great job as the very wicked and merciless Queen  – Nathan Lane turns in another professional performance – The Seven Dwarfs steal the show and it has a “happy ever after ending.”

With all this going for it how could mean old Uncle Larry not give Mirror Mirror at least a B+. First, I’m not a young girl, in case you hadn’t noticed, and most importantly after a decent opening the next thirty minutes was slower than watching a baseball game on TV. I took a potty break, cleaned up our buttered popcorn and diet coke (how dumb is that) and made a phone call in the lobby.

I will say the last thirty minutes clipped right along, had some very entertaining scenes and I liked the ending. If you have daughters or grand daughters take them to see Mirror Mirror. Otherwise wait for DVD.

Uncle Larry

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