The Hunger Games – How Slow Can a Caterpillar Crawl?

Here’s the first hint as to how I liked The Hunger Games – I went to the bathroom twice in the first forty-five minutes. After we excruciatingly watched the Caterpillar crawl for an hour and forty-five minutes – minus two potty breaks to stretch my legs and breathe slowly – we thought the Butterfly was finally going to break through but alas it turned out to be nothing more than a cheap parody of the firing scene from Celebrity Apprentice.

The Hunger Games – DON’T DO IT. Don’t wait for DVD and by the time it’s on free cable you will have resisted the urge.

Uncle Larry

PS If you are a teenage boy reading this blog – why would any teenage boy be reading my blog – definitely go to see The Hunger Games. I have never seen so many teenage girls in a theater.

3 thoughts on “The Hunger Games – How Slow Can a Caterpillar Crawl?

  1. Anita in Ohio

    There a lot of things I love about you, Uncle Larry, but your movie critiques are my favorite thing that you do to make my day!!!

  2. Anita. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I had several people reply that their “teens” really enjoyed Hunger Games. At 66 I’m a little past that. One lady wrote that she was moved with the story of unrequited love and personal tragedy. That sounds a lot like reality to get me to pay $7.50 for an Old People Ticket to see it on the big screen.

  3. Kenny Krestan

    I am not going! Maybe little Kenny, who is now taller than me will want to go. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up.


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