How will we know when our personal sanity is drawing to a close?

How will we know when our lucid days are behind us and we have begun to slip over the precipice of sanity? Will there be a signal like the Wolf howling outside or huffing and puffing and blowing our mind’s door down?

I am sad to say that I have heard the Wolf howl and my lucid days draw near to a close!

How can I know this for a certainty? Easy!

I watched the entire Oscar ceremony tonight from the Red Carpet to the Best Picture. If that weren’t clear enough that I am losing it – I actually enjoyed the Oscars and Billy Crystal in particular.

Not enough proof for you? Since it was live and we could not fast forward the commercials we watched most of them and I enjoyed the JC Penny ads with Ellen DeGeneres. I thought they were original and funny. Finally, and to my ever lasting shame (OK – it’s not as shameful as I feel for voting for Obama) we watched the Grammy’s a couple of weeks ago and I found them entertaining also.

I would ask you to pray for me but I think it may be too late. When they come to take me away please ask them to get me in the same ward with Jack Nicholson.

Uncle Larry

2 thoughts on “How will we know when our personal sanity is drawing to a close?

  1. Larry, when I started to read this post, I was starting to get a bit worried about you, but as I continued on I found myself captured with what you were saying about Billy Crystal and the Oscars.
    It was like you me and the millions that sat there last night watching something that really didn’t have much value to any of us. Actually Billy Crystal said it well, “Who is really interested in seeing millionaire sit around and give themselves awards”.

    I also noticed that you have filed this post in the category of “Mind of Uncle Larry” , perhaps it should be posted in your “Movie reviews”. Its a pretty favorable review!

    Perhaps we are equally losing it, or just willing to escape the realities of life for a few hours.

  2. Oralee Thompson

    Well LOS, I watched the Oscar’s too and the commercials and enjoyed the whole show myself… so I guess we will be in the same place some day…. thanks for sharing your semi-lucid thoughts


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