CNN Headline: “Obama apologizes to Afghan President for burning of Qurans”

CNN Headline: Obama apologizes to Afghan president for burning of Qurans by NATO troops. For the full story click on the link below.

I’ve been married to Marty for 43 years and I haven’t apologized in total as much as President Obama has apologized – usually to one of our enemies or marginal allies – in just over three years. I’m either one heck of a better husband than he is President or he’s a lot more sensitive than most men I know.

Curiously enough I don’t recall seeing any apologies from our President or his staff to the families of Christians whose relatives have been imprisoned, tortured and killed by these same Muslim groups that our President likes to apologize to. Do I see a trend here? Who knows – maybe Santorum is right?

Can I apologize again for my vote “for Change?” I promise I won’t do it again!

Uncle Larry

5 thoughts on “CNN Headline: “Obama apologizes to Afghan President for burning of Qurans”

  1. Jeff Hackney

    Larry, it takes a big man to recognize the error of his ways. Actually, I have embraced hope and change, I’m hoping for a big change in November.

  2. Bob Broekema

    Larry, got to disagree with you on this one. To the Muslims a Koran is the very voice of God himself. They would no more burn a Koran than a devout orthodox Jew would pronounce the name of God. Out of reverence for him (or Him, or HIM) whenever they read the Scriptures aloud they simply say “the Name” rather than say that name aloud. The closest thing I can think of by way of comparison with the Christian world-view is what is found in Catholocism where the wafer is truly “the real presence” of God, where not a crumb of the host is to touch the ground, where not a drop of the cup is to be spilled. It is HOLY. Obama did what was needed. Burning the Koran would be the highest insult possible in the Muslim world. To them anything else pales by comparison.
    P.S. No, I did not vote for Obama, so I don’t have to apologize for my vote in 2008. Blessings!

  3. Uncle Larry here again. To my friend Bob and to others I say fair point. It is wrong for NATO members to burn their Quran. Is it not also wrong for Muslim groups to imprison, torture and kill Christians? Yet I see no apologies from these Muslim groups and I expect none. They do not apologize. They do not value the concept. They see it as weakness and when the President of the used to be most respected Nation in the World apologizes it embolds them all the more.

    At best our President’s apology is a strategic error. I don’t want to put in print what I think the worst case scenario is.

    Uncle Larry


    Larry, I am fed up with Obama…..I totally voted against him because I felt that McCain was by far the better of the two….not a charismatic but a lot better leader….a proven leader…experience is important…Obama had none in action as a leader…
    He is a disgrace to our nation…I think he is a Moslem…Not a Christian…Actions speak a lot louder than words…Thanks for the note…Keep those cards and letters coming my friend.
    Your Buddy In Christ,
    John B.


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