When Will Israel Preemptively Strike Iran?

This 11 minute YouTube video (see below) will be of almost no interest to most of you who receive this Post. Why then, in Heaven’s name am I sending it to you?

Marty and I are concerned about the role of Iran in the Middle East and in the world – especially as it grows closer to being a nuclear power. Yet the Nations of Europe, Britain and the old USSR prefer to put their heads in the sand and continue to receive Iranian oil rather than face the inevitable – that which has become the inevitable in the view of many – that Israel will not play nice – they will not play politics – and when they are certain Iran is ready to fulfill the vow Iran has made to “eliminate Israel from the history of the earth” – Israel will strike first.

The question is not will Israel Preemptively defend itself against a nuclear holocaust.

The questions are:

1. Is there anything the world’s political powers are willing to do to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear player.
2. What will be the world’s political powers response when Israel preemptively attacks Iran?

Sadly, I believe that no matter how well intended – both Bush Presidencies invaded the wrong county – Iraq instead of Iran. But that my friends is spilled milk.

I take courage in one thing and one thing alone. The Bible – The Holy and inspired Word of God – both the Old and New Testaments – speak clearly and strongly to Jehovah G/D’s commitment to Israel. I may not understand it. I may not like it – especially on those rare occasions when we venture south to the mall in Boca Raton and deal with the NY/NJ version of God’s Chosen People – but G/D is not slack concerning his promises as some count slackness. With Him a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day.

We believe whole heartedly that Jehovah G/D and the Messiah will not allow Their Chosen People to be eliminated from the history of the earth.

The question is whose side are you going to be on when the battle lines are drawn? Whose side is America going to be on when the time comes for action and not talk?

Whose side do you suppose our current President will be on?

Uncle Larry

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