The Stephens Family Bears Fans Salute Eli and the NY Giants

Marty, Tony and Uncle Larry – as life long Chicago Bears Fans – Congratulate Eli Manning and the entire NY Giants Team for their strong representation of the one and only – NFC.

Some of you may have read the story we were blessed to share a month back when the Campus Crusade Chaplain of the NY Giants George McGovern had a speaker who told the Team if they were “believers in Christ” their calling was to “go all in for Christ.”

Jason Tuck – who had a critical sack tonight – was at that Chapel Service and he challenged the team to “go all in” for life and for their critical upcoming game that week against the Jets. The Giant’s Players, Coaches and Ownership took the “all in” theme to heart and won out and became the World Champion NY Giants.

I love football. I love the NFL and never miss a Bears game on DTV. Has the time for me and perhaps you to “go all in for Christ?”

Congratulations to the MVP of Super Bowl XLVI Eli Manning – the strong NY Giants defense and to NY Giants fans everywhere.

Uncle Larry

7 thoughts on “The Stephens Family Bears Fans Salute Eli and the NY Giants

  1. dave ferm

    Big Blue played for eachother as Coughlin gave the most emotional speech of his life to his players on Saturday nite. They were “All In”. Another game for the ages. Dave Ferm

  2. Rick Benfield

    I can’t remember a team giving up a touchdown on purpose. The announcers were aware of the possibility and so were the Giants.

    Funny how the Giant back ran to the goal line and just sort of toppled in.

    Getting the touchdown then turned out good because they might have missed the field goal.

    1. Rick my friend. When did you ever leave an Eagle putt short or refuse a six inch “gimme” for a 79? All along I thought the TD was the best call and then trust your defense. Can you imagine what a goat Coughlin would be if they stalled and then missed the FG?

      1. Rick Benfield

        Uncle Larry-

        Coughlin, as a fine coach, doesn’t worry about being a “goat” but rather winning.

        Why did the Giant running back go to the goal line and stop?

        I don’t trust any “prevent defense” in the final two minutes. It is a bad strategy.

        As it was, the “hail mary pass” came close to being caught.

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