Rocco’s Taco’s – Never have so many gathered for so little!

Rocco’s Taco’s opened in the Commons on PGA Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens this week and we unfortunately went there tonight. Like a child born early in the third trimester there are more problems than I can describe in this post.

Despite a “pre-tip” to the Bar Tender the drinks are just OK – the food is mediocre and the service is not as good as the food. When we gave our food order the server asked if we could point it out on the menu to her as they were just learning on the fly.

As a Margarita, Beer and Tex Mex Food joint Rocco’s must depend on the party atmosphere and the sharply dressed young people who came looking for other sharply dressed young people. Sadly Marty and I came in the hopes of really top shelf Margaritas and good quality Tex Mex. We were disappointed!

The only thing that took longer to get than our bill was our car from Valet. Only Marty’s steadfast prayer life prevented a scene at the Valet stand. There isn’t any good reason I can tell you to try Rocco’s Taco’s in PBG.

If you want decent drinks, excellent Guacamole and Queso Fundido with Chirazo in North County stick with Cabo Flats at Downtown at The Gardens. At least they have plenty of parking and the Movie Theatre is nearby.

If you want great Margaritas and fabulous food drive another fifteen minutes south to Palm Beach Grill and have a truly top shelf evening. Sorry I couldn’t be more positive and give you more input but I have to go now to take two Gas-Ex and brush my teeth for the second time.

Uncle Larry

5 thoughts on “Rocco’s Taco’s – Never have so many gathered for so little!

  1. Leo Abdella

    Just proves that the magic of Clematis Street in West Palm Beach doesn’t necessarily transfer to PGA Blvd. in Palm Beach Gardens. Thanks for the tip, but don’t expect me to get your car any faster than the guy at PGA Commons.

  2. Candy

    My friend said she drove by four times trying to find a parking spot opening nite. She gave up and went home. I’ll have to tell her that she didn’t miss anything.


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