Republican Candidates – Does it remind you of your choices for your High School Prom?

High School Prom! For some of you its a recent memory and you can still picture your date for the evening and the new dress or tux you rented for the big day. Perhaps the night was magical and you are still with that person, maybe even married with children.

Not so much for Uncle Larry! I graduated from High School in 1963 and all I can remember about the prom is my date never spoke to me again afterward. She and her friends treated me like I had small pox for the rest of high school. Go figure! I’m guessing that somewhat like the field of Republican Candidates we choose from here today in Florida she was disappointed with her choice and lived to regret going out with the fat, red-headed kid.

In retrospect she may wish she had waited for Tom or Bill or Sue to ask her to go and she committed too early.

I know how the girl feels. Back in 2008 I was tired of Dick Cheney and I voted for “change.” How’s that working out for us? I can relate to how King David of Israel felt when he made the biggest mistake of his life – committing adultry with Bathsheba – II Samuel 11. God was not pleased and David’s Kingdom declined from that point on. Sound familiar?

I’m convinced that I voted for a candidate in 2008 who is more influenced by his Muslim background that what he professes is now his Christian faith. Hence when this whole thing started I made a vow that I would never again vote for a Muslim or a Mormon and that I would find a Bible Believing Christian to support. I jumped on the Perry wagon and you can see how well that worked for me.

Politically I describe myself as a fiscal conservative but social moderate – even a social liberal on some issues. I still believe that everyone should have access to health care. No mother should ever have to watch her sick child cry in pain because she has no health coverage. I think everyone – even the poorest American should pay some tax – we should all have some “skin in the game.” Like Warren Buffet I’m not opposed to raising taxes a few points – say 40% max rate – on people making over one or two million taxable dollars annually. Let’s change the bell curve of taxes by getting everyone to pay something and the very wealthiest a little more.

Now that I’ve irritated my wealthy friends – Who did I vote for today? Mitt Romney! Yes, I voted for Mitt the Mormon. Why? Two reasons really:

1. We must have some Republican Candidate that has a chance to beat Obama. I just don’t think Newt can do that with all his baggage. I guess I’m more comfortable with a Mormon who has stuck with one woman than a “Christian” who seems to have trouble keeping his vows. Where there is smoke there is fire.

2. I’ll admit to being influenced by my very good friends Art and Angela Williams and their Son-in-Law Mark DeMoss. You don’t know a more Bible believing, teaching and praying woman than Angela. Art had lots of dealings with Mormons back when he ran A.L. Williams and he says they are trustworthy and make great businessmen. Mark is a Liberty University Graduate, son of the prominent Christian DeMoss Family and served as the Assistant to Jerry Falwell – it doesn’t get more Fundamental Christian Conservative than that.

Art and Angela are endorsing Mitt the Mormon and Mark is on his staff – advising the campaign and traveling the country stumping for his choice for President.

At the end of the day I’m trying to be a pragmatist and voted for someone I think has a chance to beat Obama in 2012 and I am comforted by knowing that good, fundamental, Bible believing Christians who actually know Romney personally like and are endorsing him.

If Mitt the Mormon wins and turns out to be a did like Obama I’ll continually harass Art the way he does me now for my vote in 2008 and the subsequent decline of our Kingdom.

14 thoughts on “Republican Candidates – Does it remind you of your choices for your High School Prom?

  1. Pam Aylor

    That makes sense to me, and I felt as well that Mitt will not be turning us all into Mormons, so what is the big deal? It wasn’t all that long ago that many would not vote for a Catholic! Well, millions did, and since I was little when Kennedy was Prez, I don’t really know if he was good/bad or in the middle. Newt does not look or act presidential. He has a short fuse…just what we need when his hand is on the red phone. Yikes. So, because I am not a huge fan of Newt or Mitt, I will cast a vote for Mr. Santorum as a protest vote. Really, are these the best guys we could come up with??? If Mitt wins, or Newt, I will of course support them. And then pray for wisdom, patience, and a sturdy defense system in place to protect us!

    Thanks Larry!


  2. Doug Randlett

    Not that it matters. But I’m convinced that the late Jerry Falwell would also have voted for Mitt for the exact reasons you have stated in your blog. Seems there is a place for pragmatism in our Christian belief system. Personally I like Newt’s conservative politics (from what I understand) more than Mitt’s, but Mitt has the best chance to unseat “your 2008 man.”

  3. Rick Benfield

    Nice turnaround Larry. I take back all those thing I said about you.

    Were you referring to “a boy named Sue”?

  4. Anita in Ohio

    Hello Uncle Larry,

    Love your blot and your punctilious comments. I think all of us would love to witness a debate between Newt and Obama, but I suppose that is not a very good reason to cast your ballot for Newt. I like Mitt and feel he is a person with a moral convictions that have served him well, but I do think making money is his driving force. I like Newt because Washington doesn’t. Mitt strikes me as politics as usual and seems to be cozying up to the insiders for support. Unfortunately, Romney’s wealth will be used by Obama to show the obvious polarity in the wages earned by Americans. Obama will definitely play the card, “How could Romney possibly know the pain of the middle and low income Americans in this struggling economy?” Obama has done an exceptional job dividing the American people into two classes, the haves and the have nots, causing each class to resent the other. In Obama’s world the middle class is seen as poor and he blames wealthy Americans for causing their plight. Nevertheless, The truth is that Washington politicians took down the middle class with their out of control spending and their 2000 plus pages of the tax codes. Both sides of the aisle are to blame. Washington has deliberately made the tax codes so confusing to give themselves and their friends tax breaks while the middle class has to continue to file a simple 1040 because they cannot afford the services of a CPA. Then there is former President Johnson who set into place The Great Society, not to help the poor, but to be sure the poor voted “for their paychecks” by voting for Democrats the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, this division of the rich and poor will play very well in the election of 2012. I am sure Obama would rather run against Romney than Newt, thus my dilemma as to whom I will vote for in the Ohio Primary. I just hope if Romney is our nominee that his success as a wealthy American will not turn into being his Achilles heel.

  5. Oralee Thompson

    Yes, I do agree with you about the choice. however I don’t think our country and our citizen’s can or will see any real change in the government…. I do believe we are ALL way to spoiled and stubborn,,, and not just the Russian’s amongst us… but I don’t believe ANYONE IS WILLING TO DO THE HARD WORK OF SACRIFICE.. that this country needs… maybe in another 2-3 voting cycle…. if the Lord tarries…. I’m banking on my rapture sooner then later..blessings ONT

  6. Leo Abdella

    Larry this post comes from the category in your blog titles Mind UL, which we know is from the Mind of Uncle Larry. It is my opinion that you have spoken from the minds of many Chritians regarding today’s vote. Many of us just flat agree with you. However where we part, is that we did not get sucked into that “Change Thing” in 2008 and we all enjoy letting you eat crow on that. Maybe if you still believe in “Change”, you will think the crow tastes like chicken..

  7. Larry Weidel

    I share your thoughts….even though I didn’t vote for “change”. They say Mitt got the nod way back in the last campaign from the powers that be when he bowed out and got behind McCain. It’s a shame it’s so controlled, I thought there would be some other options but there he is…in front. The thing that bothers me about the Mittster is he can’t seem to relate to anyone and I can’t figure out why. He’s been amazingly successful in his adult life, has a one wife marriage and a car full of great looking kids. why he can’t relate to people is a huge mystery to me. But that’s the reason he can’t hold a lead or so far inspire any deep enthusiasm among his backers. I’ve never seen such a fantastic person with such an apparent lack of charisma. If he can figure that out his stock could soar. Two people who could coach him up on that are already backing him…Art and Angela. Unfortunately I can’t see him submitting to charisma lessons ala “The King’s Speech”…But it would be time well spent and might result in him winning the election. As it is now, I think Mr. Charisma Obama will crush him, no matter how much money he spends on ads. I hope I’m wrong because I’m firmly in the ABO (Anyone But Obama) Camp. I’d even take Hillary.

  8. Patricia Hendrix


    Loved your blog. Takes a “good man” to admit he was wrong but not willing to make the same mistake again. Keep writing….I thoroughly enjoy your wisdom and writing skills!

    1. Chris – I have two thoughts. The first is if you have some hard sources for this I will be most pleased to read them. The second is like the theme on the blog I’m not enamored with MM at all but am totally opposed to Obama and am trying to find a candidate that I think than get elected. So much the better if he happens to be a decent guy. Uncle Larry


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