The Ides Of March – Worth Waiting For

What woman wouldn’t want to see a movie with George Clooney as Co-Star? My wife Marty certainly did but my instincts told me to pass on The Ides of March on the Big Screen and wait for DTV rental.

Our patience was rewarded. The Ides of March starring Ryan Gosling, the aforementioned hunk and a strong support cast is an excellent – no make that terrific rental.

It had undertones of The Graduate as we watch the political campaign process unfold – morphing Ryan Gosling from a naive volunteer to a ruthless Political Operative that will do what it takes to elect his candidate and get what he wants along the way.

I rate home rentals by how many breaks we take. The Ides of March moved along at such a nice pace that we only paused it twice – once for drinks and one for a potty break.

Marty and I both enjoyed The Ides of March and we recommend it to you strongly as a rental. I liked it so much I’d say go ahead and pay the five dollars now and not wait until it goes to free service on a Premium Channel.

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