Christ Fellowship – The Big church in Town – The Big Gorilla of Religion or the Church with the Big Heart?

  Christ Fellowship Garden’s Campus

With nearly 40,000 people coming out for its Easter and Christmas services Christ Fellowship (CF) is clearly “the Big Church” in Palm Beach County (PBC). CF’s new Lead Pastor, Dr. Todd Mullins (Todd), son of Founding Pastor Dr. Tom Mullins (Coach) and Todd’s wife Julie recently came out with a new logo and a tag for CF – “Love On.” With locations in Palm Beach Gardens, Royal Palm Beach, Stuart and City Place – CF is getting its name out there in growing and desirable markets.

How’s it doing with the less glamorous areas of PBC? Are they walking the walk of “Love On” in the tougher and poorer sections of PBC or picking the low hanging fruit? Here’s a couple of stories you probably won’t read about but I thought were worth bringing to your attention.

For the last decade CF has had a Christmas Gift and Thanksgiving Feed the Poor outreach in Belle Glade. A few years back CF started a two-week camp program for CF’s Youth Ministry to experience living in the Glades and working on projects to benefit the locals in real hands on ways – clearly the poorest area in South Florida. Todd and Julie Mullins decided being in The Glades “part-time” wasn’t enough and the big Church with the Big Heart recently purchased a Community Center in Belle Glade – is refinishing it now and will soon have a full-time presence serving the poorest of those among us.

During a recent tragic fire during the Holidays in Belle Glade twenty poor families were instantaneously homeless. Knowing of the work CF had done in the area the Town of Belle Glade and PBC called CF and asked if they could help. CF and its Royal Palm Campus responded with food, clothing, temporary housing and long-term placement. Funny how I didn’t read about that in newspapers or hear about it on TV.

You may have read CF is coming to Boynton Beach. All I know about Boynton Beach is the crime I read about in the Local Section of The Palm Beach Post. I recently saw Boynton’s Mayor turned himself into the PBC Sheriff on some sort of Corruption charges. In addition to crime and corruption they also seem to have an abundance of immigrants and minorities. There’s no “Pot of Gold” for CF in Boynton. If CF purchases the abandoned Dillard’s store the full cost of this multi-million dollar project will be borne by the congregants in Gardens and Royal Palm – to serve the locals in need and to make the name of Jesus famous in Boynton.

  An old strip club on US One in Boynton Beach

Did you see the story about the Haitian Congregation that bought a strip club in Boynton and are turning it into a church. As these things happen sometimes – towards the end they ran out of money to finish the AC, electric, permits, chairs, carpet and furnishings.


Pastor Pierre and staff coming to CF for Prayer

Community Relations Director Pastor Leo Abdella met with the church to see how CF could help. Marty and I were fortunate enough to be at a meeting Friday night when Pastor Dumont Pierre and some of his Haitian Congregation came to CF where they were told they will be given the chairs, carpets and furnishings along with a check that will allow them to finish the project and get moved in right away. Through tears of joy Pastor Pierre told those present that he came to get a gift and he found the gift of love in the people at CF.

If you are planted in a Church somewhere in PBC we are thankful and know that God can and will use you right where you are. If you don’t have a regular Church home we believe the Big Church in PBC has a Big Heart and their goal is to make the Name of Jesus famous in PBC and not their own.

Thanks for listening!

Uncle Larry

5 thoughts on “Christ Fellowship – The Big church in Town – The Big Gorilla of Religion or the Church with the Big Heart?

  1. Sherry Kelly-Martin

    Just stumbled onto this. Yes, and Christ Fellowship is still following this path. We moved to this state four years ago and saw the signs for Christ Fellowship Church and have been participating and going there ever since.


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