Haywire – This could have been a great movie for Uncle Larry and Saint Marty

Haywire had all the markings of a great movie for Uncle Larry and Saint Marty. We both love action flicks – Uncle Larry likes attractive, strong, full-figured and fit women who can carry the lead. Marty is crazy about Michael Douglas ever since she “bumped” into him at the old Spago in Beverly Hills some thirty five years ago – and what woman doesn’t love looking at and listening to Antonio Banderas? For me, every time I hear him speak I think of the swashbuckling feline Puss N Boots.

Unfortunately the very best we can give Haywire for action junkies is a B+ or 3 stars out of 4. For general movie audiences we rate Haywire a B- or 2.5 out of 4 stars.

Gina Carano (also a Mixed Martial Arts athlete) does a credible role as the lead actor – though I suspect she was playing to type – even though she’s new and doesn’t have a historical type yet. Her action and fight scenes were both enthusiastic and believable. In the opening scenes – after a terrific one on one fight with her supposed partner she seemed perfectly comfortable covering his face with a pillow and putting him to sleep with a 9mm.

We recommend Haywire for all adults – but as a DVD or pay per view. Why? The movie had nice pacing and a sort of grey film-noir look. However, it wasn’t fast paced and the male characters Marty came to see – Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas weren’t on the screen five minutes each – if that much. They simply lent the movie their names for extended cameo’s for big checks no doubt. The male lead Ewan McGregor played a sort of sleazy, greedy, and unlikable character – but not really a threatening villan. His best line – when asked about killing someone said “It’s always about the money.”

The plot was interesting and the ending was good enough I suppose but seems intended to set you up for a Haywire II. If they can raise the production money they’ll have to do it without us until the DVD comes out.

Both Marty and I had high expectations and they were not fulfilled. If you are an action movie junkie lower your expectations and maybe you’ll like it.

Uncle Larry

One thought on “Haywire – This could have been a great movie for Uncle Larry and Saint Marty

  1. Rick Benfield

    Uncle Larry- Thanks for warning on this flick. Jean and I are not regular movie goers preferring to view in the comfort and hygiene of our own living room.

    We walked out of “Titanic” after about 30 minutes because of the mendacity of the script.

    For those of you in “Rio Linda” that means the movie departed from the truth particularly with reference to the heroism of the crew. If requested, I’ll provide a link.

    While you probably never rated “Titanic” what would your rating have been.


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