Are you anything like these three types of people?

Here’s an article that I didn’t write but I wish I did and totally agree with – by Madlock and Viton for BusinessWeek (see site below). They point out the company employee tree always needs trimming. Which limbs do you look to cut first? Their answer:

1. The Victims
2. The Unbelievers
3. The Know it All

This piece is aimed and managers and business owners. Why did I read it? I’m an old retired guy who married Saint Marty 43 years ago to relieve me of all domestic decision making.

It seems to me there is a lesson here for us all. Think about the kinds of people you hang with. What sort of folks do you want for friends? What sort of friend potential do you have? Try this for the New Year – take a moment and look yourself in the psychological mirror – if you dare – ask ask yourself am I one of these three types of people? If not totally – do these kinds of tendencies creep into my life and expressions from time to time.

How can I be a better, more encouraging and attractive person to be with? For me it’s too late but you might still have a chance.

1. Do you sometimes play the victim card? Has life dealt you a bad hand and you readily share it with anyone who will listen? Do they really want to hear it?

2. Can you believe in your friend’s dreams and aspirations and support them – subduing any feelings of jealousy and be an encourager?

3. I know you can’t be a know it all or you wouldn’t have gotten this far in my note. Who can throw cold water on a dinner or golf conversation than a know it all?

Food for thought for 2012! Be sure to read their article when you have time.

Uncle Larry

One thought on “Are you anything like these three types of people?

  1. Ann

    Thanks for sharing that, Larry. I feel like I have a pretty good staff at our assisted living community, but last Tuesday, I shared this article with all 40 of them. I think it is so beneficial and hope to see some good results in the weeks and months to come.


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