Sherlock Holmes – Once too many times into the breach!

Marty and I went for “dinner and dancing” on Wednesday so we thought tonight – New Years Eve – we would take in Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows. We have always liked the Sherlock movies – who doesn’t love Sir Basil Rathbone wondering though the dark moors of England – say that name three times real fast – and enjoyed the first interpretation of Robert Downey in this role.

This flick was slower than a severe uphill putt on a three teared Bermuda Grass green – against the grain – at sunset – in the rain.

Marty suggested we leave about 1/3 into the movie but I kept thinking surely the pace will pick up. I was wrong. DO NOT go see this movie in the theatre. DO NOT rent it when it comes to DVD or Pay TV rental. Wait until a cable channel picks up it and it runs for free and only watch it then if there are no games on and all your regular shows are reruns.

Uncle Larry

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