M.I. – Ghost Protocol – Five Stars for Fun

Marty and I just returned from M.I. 4 – otherwise known as Ghost Protocol and it is absolutely GREAT ENTERTAINMENT for anyone who likes action adventure. Ghost Protocol is by far the best of the M.I. franchise. I strongly encourage you to see it on the big screen. One of the strong points of this film are the varied world wide locations and very strong cinematography. The scenes in Dubai are almost unbelievable and will not translate as well to the “small screen.”

M.I. 4 is an entertaining combination of action, adventure, hot cars and women (all dressed), a reasonable plot and an incredibly impressive yet believable display of technology – some of which I expect to see on the iPhone 5. Tom Cruse won’t win an Oscar for this performance but he and his stunt doubles surely had some bumps and bruises along the way.

There was not one moment that I was even closed to being bored. The only emotion I felt during this film was suspense piled on suspense – with intermittent spells of relief that allowed me mid movie respites. I could best describe this as one action adventure movie wrapped around five or six “mini-movies” – with each of them having their own location, plot, character development and satisfying conclusion – yet all tied together and flowing very smoothly.

There are good guys, bad guys, good looking women and if you like skilled, athletic fight scenes and authentic gun fights you will not be disappointed.

Marty and I both give Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol our highest recommendation for fun and entertainment for action adventure junkies.

Uncle Larry

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