Does the first group of people who use a name own it?

Whether you favor Newt or Paul or Romney or Santorum or the fellow from Texas whose name I forget just now – the website below has a legitimate secular historical account of the term Palestine and Palestinians. If you read the article – only one page – you will see the term Palestine was used in secular history by Jews 2,000 years ago to describe the land where Jews lived during the rule of the Roman Empire.

You may remember that Caesar guy who sent out a decree that all the world would be taxed so Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem where the Christ Child was born in a manger –  ah but I digress from the point at hand.

In 1964 a very clever and badly dressed terrorist – Yasser Arafat – stole this Jewish word and claimed it as his own – naming his terrorist group – Palestinian Liberation Organization or the infamous PLO. And as they say the “rest is history.”

In Newts’s defense this is what he referred to when to the Arabs who claim the name as frauds. Newt may be “unelectable” but I’ll wager he’s the only candidate that knew the historical facts.

Uncle Larry

PS Merry Christmas to all my Christians friends and Happy Chanukah to our Jewish friends starting today 12/20 and running to the 28th.

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