Praise God our American Men and Women have left Iraq

As a Vietnam Veteran (1968 to 1970) the hearts of my wife Marty and I go out to the young men and women who are the living and dying instruments of our often misguided and sometimes failed National policies.

Let’s welcome these fine young people home from their service in Iraq. When and where ever we meet them let’s thank them and assure them of our appreciation for their sacrifice. If we are an employer can we keep an open eye to providing them a job to help transition them back into a “normal” life?

Can we all agree to continue to pray for the 2,000 or so Americans who will remain in Iraq and of course for the thousands who serve in the wasteland called Afghanistan?

The news summaries say that 4,483 of our finest young people died in Iraq and over 30,000 were physically wounded. Just as important to me are the countless thousands who are wounded emotionally, mentally and in ways we will never know – in ways that they may carry with them to their graves. Our hearts especially go out to them.

Uncle Larry

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