Saint Marty’s Annual Day of Mourning

Like the glass half empty or half full or two sides to a coin – each major event in a couple’s lives can mean different things to each of them.

You may want to be in thought and sympathy for Marty next Wednesday 12/21 – her Annual Day of Mourning – as we mark 43 years of marital bliss. OK, she may not see it as 43 years of marital bliss but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Naturally she wants me out of the house golfing so she can appropriately pace the floors of the condo and ask herself over and over and over again – why did I agree to marry this guy 43 years ago???????

Me, being the great guy that I am – I readily agree to spend the day golfing and then that night we go to my favorite restaurant – Palm Beach Grill – and drink Margaritas. On her day of mourning Marty will pass on the white wine and will have several Margaritas.

I love those half full Uncle Larry Margaritas!

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