Three Musketeers – The Moth Gets Burned

Like a moth drawn to a candle Marty and I are drawn to Three Musketeer Movies. She is a hopeless romantic and loves the period pieces, scenery and costumes. I like the sword fighting, sarcastic comedy and beautiful full figured women.

This time the moth was burned. This version of the 3-M’s is SLOW. Uncle Larry spent ten or fifteen minutes in the lobby returning texts and e mails. In our almost 43 years of marriage I think we have seen five Three Musketeer Movies. Of the five this would rank somewhere below 17th. I know the math doesn’t work but trust me it is that bad.

Do not go to the movies to see the 2011 Three Musketeers – don’t wait for it on Netflix, DVD or Cable/DTV Rental and just pass when it comes to free cable in three months. This movie is a Dog, a Puker, a thief in the night waiting to steal two hours of your time. If your choices are seeing this movie or dying two hours early get ready for eternity two hours early. I do hope you are ready for Eternity!

Can I be more clear?

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