It’s Not Christmas in Florida until you visit The Breakers

Living in Palm Beach County we love 75 degrees on Christmas Day. However, it’s hard to feel like it’s Christmas sometimes with all the sunshine. To get that special feeling for one night during the Holiday season we visit The Breakers on Palm Beach for drinks and dinner.

After a delightful walk north through the Main Lobby we open with a bottle of Champagne in the Tapestry Bar. Don’t rush this moment – soak in the room, the tapestries and the ambiance. After a warm conversation with friends we take our last glass of Champagne and leisurely stroll the magnificently decorated lobby and hallways of this Grand Old Lady – The Breakers -stopping to take pictures (the staff is always ready to assist you) by the traditionally decorated Christmas Tree.

When the picture taking is done we head towards the Seafood Bar and Grill – stopping along the way to peek into the magnificent ball rooms. Our personal favorite is the smaller yet highly decorative Gold Room. There are many fine items on the Seafood Bar menu but our absolute favorite is the Seafood Club with Truffle Fries. It’s called the Seafood club but it’s really a lobster roll with traditional club sandwich accents. If your tastes run towards cheese you can substitute the Gorgonzola fries. A tough choice it is between Truffle and Gorgonzola fries – so we order one of each – hey it’s Christmas!

We walk in from the sun feeling good and walk out a few hours later feeling like it’s Christmas in the East or Midwest or where ever you are from.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to take a room for a night or two The Breakers Experience is even more grand. Don’t miss the Spa, the shops, gardens and several pools. If it’s in your budget get a pool side Cabana for the day. You’ll feel like you are living the life of Royalty.

Did I mention golf and the Flagler Steak House?

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Christmas in Florida until you visit The Breakers

  1. Deb

    Sounds like an amazing visit. You sure know how to have a relaxing, fun time…. It really is a hotel everyone should visit just once. I was mezmerized by the architecture. I truly love the art deco era and the ambiance. I stayed at the Breakers when living on the east coast. it’s a beautiful hotel, very classy and I truly enjoyed the dining. The beach was a bit rocky, but hey – it was wonderful.
    I felt so at home until I went to the shops. I could have sworn I saw Mr. & Mrs. Howell from Gilligans Island, all decked out in white outfits and hats with their Afgan dog….. maybe it was a ghost… LOL 🙂


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