Have you ever had a dream like this? I hope not!

Have you ever had a dream where you died in the dream? I’ve had thousands of dreams where I was in some sort of dangerous or life threatening situation or another – some flashbacks to RVN but mostly purely fictional – but prior to last night something always woke me up before I died.

This is the dream I had last night:

I was playing in a charity golf outing in New Jersey on a course with a very good view of the Statue of Liberty. Midway through the round the outing was attacked by three open cockpit, bi-wing planes, red in color with a single machine gun mounted on the front of each. We got behind a tree that had fallen and were hiding from what we thought was an attack from the East.

Turns out one of the planes came from the West and opened fire on our group. They were firing tracers and I turned over my shoulder to see the line of machine gun fire headed towards me. I moved left and right unsuccessfully. The first round hit me from behind in my right kidney and three more tore into my right shoulder.

Marty was holding me and screaming Larry don’t die – but I did. My spirit in a defined form left my body and hovered above the ground giving me a good view of the area.

In my next dream scene Marty was walking in a very dangerous neighborhood and she was about to be attacked by three villains. I was hovering above and started to spin like a top – using my hands – which had become like mallets with sharp blades – I cut off all their heads and as their heads fell to the ground I cut each skull into fourths. This scene was repeated several times.

In the last of these scenes I turned to look behind me and there were three evil spirits watching me sever and quarter heads. They figured out how to do it and all three of them were headed towards my spirit to finish me off.

Just before they arrived my cat Abraham jumped up on the bed and woke me at 5:05AM.

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