The Political Campaign Season Has Begun In Juno Beach

Don’t you just hate to see the political campaigns start this soon? This morning before Church I was walking around Pelican Lake here in Juno Beach and I came upon a supporter of President Obama.

How did I know he was a left leaning, socialist Democrat? Easy!
I was feeding the squirrels as I usually do on my walk and by now they come running out of the trees and bushes when they hear me call them to get their morning peanuts. They know they have to be quick because I don’t break my pace to feed them. I call them, drop the peanut on the sidewalk and keep moving to maintain my goal of the fifteen per mile pace.
On my third time around I heard a sound I have never heard before. It sounded something like our cats Abraham and Sarah talking to us when they want something but a little more screechy. I looked to my right and there was a squirrel on a Palm Tree at eye level. I stopped and looked at him and he just kept talking to me. I held out a peanut for him to take but that wasn’t good enough for him and he kept screeching. I dropped it on the ground at the base of the tree but that wasn’t good enough either as he kept screeching. I dropped a second peanut and to my shock he didn’t come down to take either of the two full sized peanuts and he continued to look at me while he screeched.
Finally, I relented and dropped a third peanut and he merrily scampered down the tree to claim what is three times the normal squirrel allotment.
I don’t know what is wrong with me? First, I voted for Obama in 2008 and now I succumb to the pressure of a whiny, screeching, socialist squirrel who wants – No Demands – More than HIS FAIR SHARE. When will the campaign be over and I can vote for which ever Republican makes it through the warm-ups so I can stop feeling guilty and feel free to walk right by these demanding socialist squirrels?
Life is complicated in Juno Beach.
Uncle Larry

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